Jon Jones Takes Shot at Tom Aspinall: ‘I Have No Clue Who 90% of His Resume Is’

Tom Aspinall’s consistent campaigning for a shot at Jon Jones is finally starting to get under the reigning UFC heavyweight champion’s skin.

Aspinall, who captured the interim heavyweight crown at UFC 295 this past November, has been a regular presence on social media and in interviews, often pleading his case for a shot at Jones. Most recently, Aspinall posted a humorous TikTok video that depicted him growing old and gray while waiting for a fight against “Bones.”

That video seemed to draw Jones’ attention, as the reigning heavyweight king issued a series of posts directed at Aspinall.

“Only four recognizable opponents, and already the king of England, must be nice,” Jones wrote on X. “There will be legendary tales told about you and your infamous call outs.

“I mean, it doesn’t really work like that. I was a champion when I was 23 years old, you can’t show up at age 30 pretending like you’ve been chasing me your whole life,” Jones added. “I have no clue who 90% of his résumé is, meanwhile, I’ve been highlighting UFC events my entire career.”

In addition to besting Sergei Pavlovich for interim gold, Aspinall owns heavyweight victories over the likes of Marcin Tybura, Alexander Volkov, Sergey Spivak and Andrei Arlovski in UFC competition. Jones, meanwhile, claimed the vacant belt with a quick submission of Ciryl Gane at UFC 285. He is expected to have his fight against Stipe Miocic – which was originally slated for UFC 295 – rebooked at some point this year after he recovers from surgeries on his elbow and torn pectoral.

Aspinall did his best to plead his case to Jones in his own post on social media.

“Jon you’re letting your ego run wild here mate,” he wrote. “I’m not downplaying you’re résumé, it’s incredible. Far superior to mine. You are known as the best fighter ever, and that’s EXACTLY why I want to beat you. Surely you can understand that?”

Jones, however, did not appreciate Aspinall referencing his ego.

“Tom, you talking about someone’s ego running wild is one of the most hypocritical things ever,” Jones wrote. “You literally haven’t kept my balls out of your mouth since you won that imaginary championship. Both you and [Sergei] have zero championships between your name. It’s funny that you actually walk around feeling like the world champion. Especially when the actual champion is undefeated, and had a flawless last performance. Literally didn’t get hit my last fight.”

Ultimately, Jones remains focused on his legacy fight against Miocic.

My Stipe fight was booked well before yours came along, you weren’t even the back up fighter,” Jones wrote. “Trust me you’re the one who is coming around here with the inflated ego and entitlement. That [interim] championship means absolutely nothing if you seriously haven’t noticed yet. All your fight did at Madison Square Garden was confuse the fans. Good thing the UFC and it’s [two] long time standing champions are all on the same page. The UFC, Stipe and I have unfinished business, it’s really just that simple.” Jones added that it isn’t necessarily a given that he will retire after facing Miocic.

“I’m not saying that [I will retire], what I am saying is, coming back from two different surgeries, and defeating Stipe is my primary goal, and a huge feat if you ask me,” Jones wrote. “We both have already agreed to massive contracts, a win for either one of us would be absolutely massive for either of our careers.

“Despite how good Tom may seem right now, a win over him really does nothing for my legacy. That’s just the truth. That’s all I’m saying, I understand a lot of you guys don’t fully understand what’s happening behind the scenes. You don’t make it as far as myself and Stipe not realizing the business side of this.”


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